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Exporting Components


A scope is where the release versions of independent components are stored. Scopes are used both locally and remotely:

  • Local scopes store "staged" components that are ready to be exported from the local environment to a remote scope. You'll find your local scope in the .bit or .git/bit directory inside your workspace directory.
  • Remote scopes, either on or other self-hosted Bit servers, store exported components that are available to be used by other repositories.

A single server may host multiple scopes. Each of these scopes groups together components that are related to each other by function or purpose. Each scope naturally corresponds to a specific team of developers (and even non-developers).

So far, we've tracked a component and tagged it. As mentioned earlier, the tagging process prepares the component to be exported to a remote scope by running the build pipeline on it and storing it in the local scope with a new version number.

Setting up your remote Bit Scope#

To set a remote scope for your soon-to-be exported components, use the workspace.jsonc configuration file.

{  "$schema": "",  "teambit.workspace/workspace": {    "name": "getting-started-harmony",    "icon": "",    "defaultScope": ""  },

The defaultScope field suggests it can be overridden. To learn about setting different scopes for different sets of components in your workspace.

Scope on

To host components on, create a scope.

On premise Scopes#

If you are self-hosting a Bit server, you need to ensure you create a Bit server.

Export all staged components to a remote scope#

Run the bit export command to have Bit publish all versioned components. In our case it is only the previously tagged 'Button' component.

bit export

Use bit export --help or bit export -h to get a list of available options for this command.

Post export operations#

The export process updates your workspace' .bitmap file. Make sure to commit these changes to Git.

git commit -am 'updated .bitmap file after a successful export'