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What's Next?

Well done on making it to the end of the Getting Started section. So far you have Installed Bit, initialized a workspace, created a component, explored the workspace UI, created a remote scope, exported a component and installed a component.

Are you ready to go deeper. We have so much more to show you.

Using Bit on pre-existing projects

If you have components in projects you are actively working on, please refer to this guide.


Check out Essentials to understand more about What Bit is and its advantages.

Building with Bit#

Check out Building with Bit, a more in-depth guide on using Bit including documenting components, testing components, versioning components and much more as well as how to use Bit with pre-existing components.

Extending Bit#

Bit is fully extendable meaning you can customize it to your liking. Learn how to create your own component generator or add a new tab to the workspace for example.

Component Architecture#

Check out Component Architecture to learn more about how to think in Components.

Bit Aspects#

Check out Bit Aspects, to see the building blocks of Bit. You can implement new Aspects, compose them with Bit's core Aspects and thus extending Bit's core functionality to support advanced features.


Check out our Resources section to see talks, live streams, podcasts and articles on Bit.

Bit's Commands#

Check out all of Bit's commands in the Reference Chapter.