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Using BVM

BVM is a version manager for Bit.
Using BVM makes it easier to install and manage multiple versions of Bit in a single environment.


  • Consistent installation: All Bit dependencies are bundled together to ensure a consistent and predictable package installation that is not affected by SemVer rules.
  • Fast installation: A simple and quick installation process that requires no additional time-consuming operations (post-install scripts, etc.)
  • Friendly UX: Easy upgrades and version management
  • Multiple Bit versions: Easily switch between Bit versions or even use multiple versions in parallel

Install BVM#

npm i -g @teambit/bvm

If BVM isn't recognized in your terminal after installing it via npm, then please run the following:

# npm echo 'export PATH=$(npm bin -g):$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc# yarnecho 'export PATH=$(yarn global bin):$PATH'  >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

If you get the following error while installing bit via BVM:

global Bit install location was not found in your PATH global variable.please add the following command to your bash/zsh profile then re-open the terminal:export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH


Run the following command:

echo 'export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

Install Bit#

Install Bit's latest version
bvm install
Upgrade Bit's version
bvm upgrade

Using v15 and v14#

If you have a previous version of Bit installed (bit-bin), the default binary name for v15 will be bbit.

You can change the binary name for Harmony by running the following command after installing BVM and before installing Bit.

bvm config set DEFAULT_LINK <new-value>

Manage versions#

Get version information
bvm version
List available versions
bvm list --remote
List installed versions
bvm list
Remove a local version
bvm remove <bit-version>

BVM configurations#

BVM has several configurations

  • DEFAULT_LINK - The default command name to be linked to BVM's latest version.
    bit is linked by default unless a legacy version of Bit is installed. In that case, bbit will be linked, instead.
  • BVM_DIR - The location for BVM
Get BVM configurations
bvm config
Set BVM configurations
bvm config set <property> <new-value>