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How we build Micro Frontends#

In this article, we’ll share how our team is leveraging component-driven design and tools to build micro frontends, to enjoy a more efficient, fast, and scalable modern web development process.

Building Micro Frontends with Components - Jonathan Saring, February 2021

An intro to Bit for Node projects#

Bit Harmony: A New Tool To Create and Collaborate on Independent Node.js Components - Fernando Doglio, April 2021

Understanding independent components#

Independent components revolutionize the way we build web projects. They replace or transform much of today’s software development strategies and architectural styles, and offer more effective ways to collaborate on code. Even so, it seems like they have kept themselves behind a veil of mist — misunderstood and unexplained.

This article is an attempt to provide a clear explanation that will enable you to draw your own conclusions, from “first principles”, as to how independent components can be used to fit your own needs.

Independent Components: The Web’s New Building Blocks - Eden Ella, April 2021

How Bit versions independent components#

This articles explores Bit's unique model for component version-control.

How Bit Versions Independent Components - Eden Ella, April 2021