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Component Driven Development with Bit#

In this episode we'll learn how to build React components with Bit so that we can more easily scale our websites and apps!

Building with Bit#

Intro to Bit and how to create components in Bit, compose components, version and export components to the cloud and then import them in a React application.

How to Get Started with Bit#

Let's get started with Bit. In this video Debbie learns how to install BVM (Bit's version manager), install Bit, Create a workspace, create a component and add our component to the workspace with some basic docs and a composition to see it in action.

Composing Components#

In this video Debbie and Itay discuss how to compose components, how to break up a component into smaller components, how to find open source components and use them in your project and how in Bit you should compose components so you can better scale your applications.