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Bit with Debbie O'Brien#

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In this episode we discuss workflows to enable sharing components across large codebases, how to make reusable frontend code, and techniques for navigating digital work environments.

FS JAM Podcast - July 2021

Developer Advocacy, Navigating Tech, & Frontend Dev#

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In SELECT* episode 6, Margo chats with Debbie O'Brien, a Head Developer Advocate for on her interesting journey into tech and across numerous roles, from leading a dev team into dev advocacy, and more! She shares a bit about her initial career shift and learning to code and what it's like to work at Bit.

Select Podcast - May 2021

Managing Component Architecture#

Modern Web

In this episode, Tracy Lee interviews Debbie O'Brien about Bit. We learn how to use Bit to manage component architecture, think in components, and how this can help you a build more scalable, reusable codebase and work across teams.

Modern Web - March 2021

The Component Marketplace#

Jamstack Radio

In episode 59 of JAMstack Radio, Brian Douglas talks with Alexander Karan of ClimateClever. They discuss front-end microservices, breaking down developer projects into individual components, and building applications with Bit.

HeavyBit JAMStack Radio - February 2021

From Nuxt to React#

Views on Vue

Lindsay and Steve talk with Debbie about her new position, about what Bit is, and how they are bringing a new approach to component development. We also talk about how Debbie is having to learn React and ways we learn new frameworks and libraries.

Views on Vue - March 2021