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Account Features

User settings#

To view the profile page, log-in and click on your avatar in the top right corner. Then click on the profile name and select the settings page where you can:

  • Change the avatar
  • Update password
  • Add and update email addresses
  • Delete organizations
  • Leave organizations
  • Delete your account

Organization settings#

To view an organization, select the organization from the avatar's drop-down list, and click the settings button near the top-right of the page. An organization's admin can:

  • Click on the edit button to change the organization's image, name, homepage, or description.
  • Click on the Settings button to edit the organization's members, billing settings, and integrations.

Scope management#

Change the settings of a scope by clicking the settings button above the side-bar on the scope page. You can access the scope page via the url:<owner>/<scope>. To make modifications to the scope you need to have admin privileges on the scope.

Scope settings#

On the scope page you can edit the scope's description, or access the settings page to:

  • Change the scope's visibility (public / private).
  • Change the scope's description.
  • Delete the scope from
  • Manage the users that can access the scope and change their permissions.

Users and Roles#

Use the permission tab of the scope to add, remove, and change permissions for users for the scope.
A scope's members are assigned with 3 possible roles:

View Components*YesYesYes
Import Components*YesYesYes
Install Components*YesYesYes
Export ComponentsYesYesNo
Manage membersYesNoNo
Edit scope's informationYesNoNo
Define integrationsYesNoNo

*Viewing, importing and installing is available for all users for public scopes.