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Self-hosted Bit Scope

Collaborating between Bit components require setting up a remote Scope (server) accessible for all collaborators. You may use as a remote server or setup your own.

A remote Bit Scope is a host server that hosts components. Bit communication to server is done using HTTP/S protocol. Collaborators set up the Scope as remotes to their local workstation. Then, they export to and import from those scopes.


  • Docker

Server Setup#

Follow the instructions in bit docker readme to setup a single remote Bit Scope.

Working with Remote Scopes#

Setup a remote scope#

Your workstation may be configured to use many remote scopes. Use the bit remote command to manage them.

bit remote add http://<hostname>:3000

Export to a remote scope#

To export components to a remote scope make sure to configure your workspace.jsonc file with a defaultScope:

{    "teambit.workspace/workspace": {        "defaultScope": "<remote scope name>"    }}
{    "teambit.workspace/variants": {        "ui/components": {            "defaultScope": "<remote scope name>"        }    }}

Ensure defaultScope is configured as a remote for your workstation:

bit remote

Export components

bit export

Import from remote scope#

to import components stored on the remote scope run:

bit import <scope>/<component>

Resolve between Scopes#

If you have components that depend on components from other scopes, you need to inter-connect the scopes.
For example, a component in scope A depends on a component in scope B. This means you need to make scope A aware of scope B.

Add scope B as a remote for scope A
bit remote add file:///your-scope-a-directory