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Get information about available CLI commands#

bit --help

Get information about a specific CLI command#

bit <command> --help


Initialize a new workspace#

Initialize a Bit Harmony workspace and then manually configure the environment and install any peer dependencies needed.

bit init --harmony

Once installed you should get the following message:

successfully initialized a bit workspace.

Start Bit development server / Run the Workspace UI#

bit start

Get workspace status#

bit status

Reset the workspace - hard#

Deletes all Bit files and directories, including Bit configuration, tracking and locally stored component release versions.

bit init --reset-hard

Reset the workspace - soft#

Removes all locally stored component release versions. Reset the workspace .bitmap file and register components as if they were newly added.

bit init --reset-new

Component workflow#

Create a Component#

bit create react-component <my-component> --namespace <namespace>

See Available Templates#

bit templates

Track a component#

To add pre-existing components not created with the bit create command.

bit add <path/to/component>

Track a component and set it with a namespace#

bit add <path/to/component> --namespace <namespace>

Alias: -n

Untrack a component#

bit untrack <component-id>

Get component configuration details#

That includes its dependencies, package name, environment, etc.

bit show <component-id>

Version (tag) a component#

bit tag <component-id> <new-version-number>
  • Optional: --message "a note about recent changes"

Untag a component#

bit untag <component-id>

Untag all components#

bit untag --all

Export components#

bit export


Install a package#

bit install <package-name>

Install all dependencies after cloning a workspace#

This process will install all packages, import all components and link the imported components.

bit install

Import a component#

Import a component from a remote scope.

bit import <component-id>

Import all components#

Import all components listed in the workspace .bitmap file.

bit import

List all dependencies of a component and the reason for each dependency version#


bit dependencies <component-id>

Component development#

Compile a component#

bit compile <component-id>

Compile all components#

bit compile

Compile all components that were modified since their last compilation#

bit compile --changed

Build a component#

bit build <component-id>

Build all components#

bit build

Test components#

bit test

Move or remove components#

Move component to a different directory#

bit mv <component> <target-dir>

Relink components to the workspace#

'link' generates symlinks for components in the workspace node_modules directory. The linking process happens automatically when a component is tracked. There could be cases where the path to a component has been modified and that process needs to be re-run with to address recent changes.

bit link

Remove a component from the workspace#

bit remove <component-id>

Deprecating a component in a workspace#

bit deprecate <component-id>

Remove a component from a remote scope#

bit remove <component-id> --remote

Deprecate a component in a remote scope#

bit deprecate <component-id> --remote


Eject component configurations#

Create a component.json file in the component's directory, to directly configure it. Learn more here.

bit eject-conf <component>