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Conference Talks

Component Driven Development#

We think in monorepos when we want to share components across many teams and apps. but let’s face it, we all hate monorepos. As soon as we hear the word we just think legacy. But it doesn’t have to be. But if we make our repos component driven, where we can easily share components across any repos or apps then everything changes. We really are moving towards a component driven world so lets start building in component driven repos.

Scaling Team Delivery using Standardisation#

How can you scale fast, build fast and yet keep the same standards across all projects and teams? Let’s take a look at tooling as well as creating shareable configs and template generators for components so you can speed up your team’s delivery.

Building Components in Harmony#

When it comes to components the easy and fast way is to just build the component as we see it. A button, a hero or card component for example. We don't think about reusability because we don't have to. The aim is to deliver fast. But what if we thought about things differently. What if we saw the bigger picture as not just the application you are creating but the future long term goal. What if we thought about building components so that they are extendable, theme-able and reusable across different code bases. If we could do that then we would be able to deliver applications at a much faster pace. We would be able to scale much easier. It's not easy but that is exactly why Bit Harmony was built. So let's start building our components in Harmony.

View slide deck for Building Components in Harmony

A Component is an App#

Alexander Karan takes the Latency2020 audience through the ClimateClever transition to a unique approach that made it easier to understand their entire system. The benefits have gave Climate Clever faster release times, easier bug detection and allowed new developers to contribute production-ready code from day one.