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Welcome to Harmony

Bit is a platform for building with components and use them to compose apps and systems. Building with Bit gives a host of benefits for our codebase's modularity, composability, testability, and scalability.

Get started#

  • To get started follow this guide
  • Read next steps to start learning how you can adopt and use Bit for building apps and systems.
  • Learn what is Bit to have a better understanding of its capabilities.

Bit v15 - Harmony#

Harmony introduces major improvements to Bit and how developers should build their components. At the moment it supports React, React Native and NodeJS. For teams using Angular or Vue, it is recommended to get started with Bit's v14 release here.

Public Beta#

Bit v15 Harmony is used by many teams and is the underline infrastructure for Bit and We decided to tag it as an open beta as there are still major features coming. If you are building any React/React-native and NodeJS based systems, we urge you to get started with v15.

Additional Resources and Support#

Host Components on

While Bit is a 100% open source platform where you can create your own Bit-server, is a cloud service provided by Bit where you can quickly set an account to publish your components. is free for open source components and projects.