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Aspects Overview

Aspects are the building blocks of Bit. Aspects modularize and isolate cross-cutting business concerns in Bit. This means that each Aspect in Bit is a "service" implementing a feature.
This means that at its core Bit is simply a composition of services that together form a complete system.

Below are some examples for Aspects in Bit:

  • Generator - Creating new components using pre-defined templates.
  • MDX - Manages component documentation using MDX files.
  • Dependency resolver - Handles dependency policies and resolutions for components and installing dependencies via an integration with various package managers.
  • React - Manages all local development requirements for React-based workflows and highly inspired by react-scripts.

Each Aspect is implemented as a component in Bit and is composed from multiple components. Aspects communicate and compose with one another via APIs called integration slots.

You can implement new Aspects, compose them with Bit's core Aspects and thus extending Bit's core functionality to support advanced features.

Check out Extending Bit for more ideas on what you can do with Aspects such as Adding a new tab or creating your own generator.