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Check out the Pnpm Aspect on

pnpm is a Bit aspect that enables the use of the pnpm package manager in a Bit workspace (the pnpm aspect utilizes pnpm's programmatic API).

The pnpm aspect is used indirectly by the 'Dependency Resolver'.


To start using the pnpm aspect as a package manager for your workspace, set the Dependency Resolver packageManager property to 'pnpm'.

{  "teambit.dependencies/dependency-resolver": {    "packageManager": "teambit.dependencies/pnpm"  }}

Package manager are only configurable at th workspace configuration root-level. That means, different components in the same workspace cannot use different package manager.

Packages on NPM will be installed from's registry instead of NPM's. This will be done using the user's Bit credentials.

The pnpm aspect uses Bit's deduping algorithm (not pnpm's). It searches for a common version that satisfies most components using the same dependency (taking into consideration permitted version ranges configured for each component) and installs it at the workspace root directory, where it can be shared by multiple dependent components. Versions that are used by a minority of components will be installed nested in each component directory.

pnpm cannot be used with the 'React Native environment'.